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Here's what other people are saying about their experience in working with Judy Anderson.

Dawn Pultz, Culver, Oregon

In 2008 we adopted a dog from the Brightside animal shelter. We named him Bubba. We found out that Bubba had been returned to the shelter by the previous adoptee. This didn't detour us, he was a lovable 8 month old dog. as Bubba grew up he became more aggressive (at least this is what we thought). He started biting, he bit anyone who would come in our yard. I didn't think there was any hope. I had made an appt to have him euthanized. Then I heard about this lady in Redmond that could train any dog. It was a long shot but I didn't want to give up on Bubba. The next week I met Judy. I told her my story and she reassured me he was trainable. She wasn't only training Bubba but me as well, i had to learn to be calm. We worked closely for about a month, putting Bubba through all kinds of trials. I can honestly say Judy saved Bubbas life. He hasn't bit anyone since, people can come over without a problem, he can walk past another dog without wanting to attack them. I learned that Bubba wasn't aggressive but he was really scared and needed me to look to for comfort, I learned how to be his pack leader. Its the most amazing thing ever. I am truly grateful for Judy, not only is she an amazing person she has a gift from god in the way she can work and train dogs and people. Thanks Judy for showing me how to be calm and for saving Bubbas life.


Barb Sands: 31Paws Board of Directors

I met Judy Anderson when we both worked for a Central Oregon animal shelter -- Judy was the fulltime dog assessor/ trainer and I was the lead adoptions person. For the two years that I worked with Judy I was happy for the dogs -- not only is she calm and steadfast (a must for nervous dogs!), but she is clever, curious, and always, always, always puts the dogs' behavioral needs first. Because of her great love for dogs, Judy worked with every single dog we put in front of her -- from the hoarding case/non-socialized sharpie named Sammy, to the dog-reactive Rottie mix Roxie, to the over-the-top frenetic labbie boy Tanner, to the separation-anxiety Golden Retriever Atticus. In each of these dog's cases, Judy spent hours patiently working with them, confident she could bring out the good inner dog in each. And that she did -- today all 4 dogs are loved and in the care of wonderful people...as are hundreds of other dogs thanks to Judy. If you are looking for a wonderful, kind person who will take your dog's needs to heart and work imaginatively and calmly to let their inner beauty shine, then there is no one better than Judy Anderson.


Jerald E. Boysen: Board of Directors BrightSide Animal Center

My wife and I, along with our one year old Golden Retriever Tatanka, attended The American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen (CGC) training program given by Judy Anderson. This was an extremely positive experience for all of us. Besides teaching us the basics for training our pup to pass the 10 step CGC test Judy provided us with some very useful suggestions on how to help harness our one year old's energy in very positive and effective ways. Judy's classes were always fun and relaxed and time was always provided for individual needs whether during the sessions or afterwards. Judy's wealth of experience and knowledge training dogs was keenly evident during the sessions but the "I know it all" attitude that so often presents itself in the dog training arena was never present. It is without hesitation that I highly recommend Judy Anderson as a dog training professional.


Caitlin Ducsik, Terrebone, Oregon

It took about a second for me to know i could trust Judy. Isn't that the most important thing in any relationship? I was volunteering at Brightside Animal Shelter in Redmond, OR and Judy was the trainer there. I have always had a soft spot for Pit Bulls, so i jumped at the chance to help Judy to socialize the pitties at the shelter. Judy's calm but powerful energy made the dogs and myself feel relaxed and taken care of. We trusted her. Most of these dogs had never had a social experience in there life, had never played or ran with another dog. they were socially awkward. Judy was able to make them feel safe. After usually only a short while, Judy had these otherwise scared animals running together without a care and playing with such joy. It was truly amazing to be a part of it.

When i adopted one of these special needs Pit Bulls from the shelter, Judy went above and beyond to work on his anxiety and reactivity. She came to the house to see how he was interacting with my other dogs outside of the shelter. She met me at parks for training and even helped me build a kennel for Brando. She cares. What i appreciate most about Judy's style of training is that she doesn't just stick to one approach. She realizes that each dog is an individual and targets her training to the needs of that dog. I can't sing Judy's praises enough. She is the best trainer I know.

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