Frequently Asked Dog Training Questions


Will you travel outside of Boise to meet with a client?

Yes! Actually most of my clients live outside of Boise City limits.

What type of training equipment should I bring?

During the behavior consultation, we will discuss what training equipment you are currently using and base what training equipment fits your needs. It could possibly be that we use different pieces of training equipment during the course of working together in order to see how it works for you and your dog.

Do you welcome all breeds in your training?

Yes! We love all dogs and do not discriminate against any breed.

Do you advocate using treats in training?

Yes and No....Generally speaking, I use treats as a tool for dog training. I find it a great way for a new dog or even my dog for that matter to be really engaged with me. Food is such a strong reward for a dog. Also, I do a lot of marker training for basic obedience, which means that when a dog performs the command you requested, the behavior is marked with "yes" and a treat usually follows as a reward. At the same time, training to me can be very complex and whether treats are used or not, may not be how a behavior problem is worked or solved.

What training methods do you use?

Generally speaking, I apply the principals of operant conditioning which reward behaviors you want and ignores, discourages or corrects behaviors you don't want. However, dog behavior and training can be very complex which requires us to look at the totality of the situation and circumstances to determine a proper training program.

Why do I need a crate for my dog?

A crate is not for every dog but a crate is great for making sure your dog is safe and out of trouble when your not home. Also a crate is very useful in training your puppy or dog not to soil in the house. Dogs are clean animals and they do not want to soil where they sleep or eat. Therefore, if your dog sleeps in it's crate, it will not go potty in the crate. Then you follow up when you come home. You let your dog outside, and tell him to go potty where you want him to go. Once he does that, you reward him with praise or a treat. Yes! Good Boy! That is why the crate is a valuable tool to have in your dog training toolbox.

Why is exercise or play important for my dog?

Exercise and play serve an important function in the life of your dog. Some bad behaviors like chewing, jumping the fence, digging and barking are due to the lack of activity in your dog's life. Your dog needs exercise that is suitable for his age, breed and overall health. A walk around the block will suffice for some dogs, however, it may not be enough for a younger dog that was bred to work. This dog may do well with a long hike or maybe a three mile jog. If you are having behavior problems which are based on boredom, consider the daily exercise your dog is getting.

Why should I buy my dog toys?
Dog Playing

It depends on the dog, but toys are considered exercise for the mind. There are many different types of toys and you may have to experiment with in order to see if it helps with your dog's energy. Think of it as giving your dog a job or a brainteaser. Like exercise, play, toys, obedience training, tricks, agility, scent detection are those activities that help with your dog's overall mental health. Interactive toys that you can fill with food or treats, can provide fun or challenging play for your dog, which can keep your dog from getting into trouble by digging holes in the backyard, fence jumping, chasing cars, and chewing on your shoes.


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